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join AOMEI backup software resellers

AOMEI backup reseller program will enable participants to resell our hot products to customers in store, onsite or online at great discount – up to 70%, increasing greater profits in a minimal inventory investment.

3 Steps to Be Our Reseller

  • Step1: Online Apply

    Fill out the application form so that we can understand your basic information, and then we will review your application.

  • Step2: Email Confirmation

    For eligible partners, our team will further negotiate cooperation details, such as prices, terms & conditions, delivery, and other contents you need to conduct business.

  • Step3: Buy and Resell

    We will help you create your own marketing plan associated with agreed terms and conditions. You’ll have special coupon codes for your users to buy our products and create your own recurring revenue stream.

Our Successful Resellers

”join AOMEI backup software affiliates

AOMEI backup series affiliate program is for website owners and bloggers who get a high volume of traffic. Just simply refer traffic to AOMEI backup products, you can earn up to 70% commission from each sale and fully monetize your websites. The commission will be assigned to your account exactly and punctually.

How to Get Started?

  • Step1: Online Register

    Sign up for the affiliate programs on your related platforms from 2checkout, MyCommerce or Partnerize.

  • Step2: Build Project and Promote

    Browse the affiliate network for products links, images, all other relevant content, and select products to sell.

  • Step3: Get Paid

    Earn a commission on every purchase click through the tracking links on your website.

Successful Affiliates

AOMEI backup software OEM cooperative solutions

AOMEI backup products OEM partners are service providers, software vendors, system builders, and hardware manufacturers. You can embed AOMEI backup technologies with your products and customize your products to fully aligned with your own company’ style and brand identity, adding value to your products and expanding market.

Successful OEM Cases

Customize AOMEI Partition Assistant for McDonald

SPAN, the trusted vendor and partner of global leading retailers, gets in touch with AOMEI to customize AOMEI Partition Assistant for McDonald. As the cooperation method, AOMEI will add tailored command line feature to AOMEI Partition Assistant according to the requirements of McDonald.

AOMEI general manager said that AOMEI is honored to become a partner with SPAN and we will try our best to finish the project ASAP.

Rebrand AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition for bhv Software GmbH

AOMEI supplies AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition to bhv Software GmbH, the trusted software and IT eBooks provider. And bhv will provide sales, marketing operations and customer services for the full suite of the new customized product, System Go Partition Manager, targeting German local users. AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition is available for purchase from bhv and its channel partners with a fresh look.

Now in Germany, System Go Partition Manager is the best solution for the vast majority of personal and business users that are looking for an easy-to-use software to fix hard disk partition problems of Windows OS.

Customize AOMEI OneKey Recovery for GeoVision

GeoVision is a hardware manufacturer company produces PC based NVR machines using Windows 10 embedded OS. They customized AOMEI OneKey Recovery and then preinstalled it on all of their machines which will be sold to the end customers.

With the AOMEI OneKey Recovery integrated into the hardware, whenever there is a system crash, users can easily restore the system and make it back to work with the customized AOMEI OneKey Recovery.

Our OEM Partners

join AOMEI cooperation program, recommended software

If you want to share high-quality AOMEI backup products with your users and help us promote, please let us know. Meanwhile, if you have wonderful software too, you can contact us to share it with our users. By working together, we can meet more comprehensive needs of more users and establish our long-term win-win cooperation.

Our Best Ways to Showcase Your Software

  • Website Display and Recommendation

    We can present your software to 240 millions’ traffic per month with 100 million+ users in over 180 countries.

  • Integration to AOMEI Backup Products

    Get your software bundled up with AOMEI backup software to reach right to our active users on a daily basis.

  • Tutorial and Article Sharing

    We share worthy products in our IT problem solving blog articles and tutorials with xxx+ unique page views every day.

  • Social Media Exposure

    We can expose your product info to our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube followers along with our own fresh news.

  • Newsletter

    If you have irresistible discounts, sales or news, we're happy to share them with our newsletter subscribers.

  • Partner Page Introduction

    We're more than glad to introduce honored partners to our customers and distributors on the partner page.

get free NFR License of AOMEI

Providing free NFR license of our backup products for certified IT professionals worldwide is our another cooperation method tested successful by both sides. For now, we have been working with Microsoft MVPs, MCPs, MCTS, VMware vExperts, VMware Certified Professionals, VMware Certified Instructors and VMUG members, etc. We look forward to having you to add into our list.

How to Get a NFR License?

  • 1. Apply via Email

    Send an Email to [email protected] with the following info: your full name, company, country, MVP/vExpert profile link, as well as the backup products you need.

  • 2. Qualification Evaluation

    Our NFR team will evaluate all information you submitted to us in 7 working days.

  • 3. Email Notification

    If you are qualified to be one of our NFR program, a free license will be attached in our notification email.

Benefits of Being AOMEI Backup Series Partner

Hot AOMEI Backup Products You Can Choose

Acclaim of Users and Media We Won

Among the free programs we tested, AOMEI Backupper Standard wins primarily because it has the most features, including imaging, file backup, disk cloning, and plain file syncing, plus multiple scheduling options. It's the fastest software we've tested so far for backing up full disks and partitions.

Learn More

In AOMEI MBackupper, everything from the initial setup to retrieving a backup is super simple and can easily be managed by a layman as well. Most importantly, unlike iTunes or iCloud backup, you can choose what to restore and what not to. Thanks to this smart feature, you can use the software as a storage facility as well. And you get all of that free of cost!

Learn More

If you want to create your own recovery partition, we recommend that you use AOMEI one-key recovery to create factory recovery partitions for all computers and perform system backups. It does not come with any junk software, the most important thing is that it is safe and easy to use, meeting the needs of most users.

Learn More

I absolutely love AOMEI Backupper. It is the ONLY backup and restore solution for PC's that actually WORKS! And believe me, I have tried them all, going back to the old Norton Ghost program. It just flat out, really, really works!

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Laz Gonzales:

I Bought AOMEI MBackupper Pro and used it to manage my iPhone contacts, messages, photos and backup all my important iOS data to PC. Besides, it also offers useful tools to help me better enjoy iPhone life. I highly recommend this tool.

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Oakland Fox

It’s so simple to back up data on multiple computers with AOMEI Centralized Backupper, save so much time, it comes with complete backup and disaster recovery capabilities like data compression and military-grade encryption using customer-controlled keys.

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