What Does AOMEI Cyber Backup Do?

Designed upon 10 years+ business backup experiences to offer the best enterprise backup solutions

Flexible and Free VMware Backup

  • Works for mainstream types of virtual machines, covering VMware, vSphere, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • Tested thousands of times in different environments with backup a success rate up to 99%.
  • Flexibly allocate the amount of cloud free space for backup only.
  • Make image-based backup automatically by setting a schedule, and restore entire VMs in a flash.
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mainstream VMware Backup
Microsoft Hyper-V backup with hot backup, incremental backup, differential backup schemes

Efficient and Free Hyper-V Backup

  • Optimal data backup & protection solution for Hyper-V 2012 R2, Hyper-V 2016, and 2019.
  • Automatically backup Hyper-V virtual machines on regular basis - daily, weekly, monthly, event triggers, or USB plug in.
  • Hot backup for Hyper-V VMs in real-time to ensure a 100% backup and restore with zero downtime.
  • Run incremental backup to save only changed files or folders on Hyper-V environments to save storage.
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Microsoft SQL Server Database Backup

  • Separate storage to keep database backups on a separate physical location or device from the database files so that you have a 2-copy guarantee.
  • Schedule regular and automatic backups as part of a database maintenance plan.
  • Flexible backup types including full backup, partial backup, differential backup, file backup, log backup and copy-only backup.
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Microsoft SQL Server database backup

Why Data Backup is NO.1 Issue?

To ensure your business continuity and future

* Figures from Statista, PurpleSec and CompariTech.

Challenges for Business Data Backup

What Our Clients Say

We provide electricity-related services to millions of homes and factories. We have about 60 virtual machines, once these virtual machines are damaged, it will affect our normal business. Therefore, we need a complete solution to help us back up virtual machines and improve data recovery capabilities. AOMEI Cyber Backup did it all for us. Read More >>
Jans Group designs many business areas and services, and each service is equipped with a different virtual machine. However, traditional backup solutions cannot ensure the data security of each virtual machine. Therefore, we urgently need a safe and efficient data management program. Read More >>
Old-style backup tools need to back up each virtual machine one by one, and backups often fail. This has seriously affected the entire IT service system of Normandie. AOMEI backed up all important logistics and order information in Normandie perfectly with a centralized management console. Even if the IT system fails during transportation, it will not cause the loss of important data. Read More >>
Customer orders are our top priority, but we often spend more than ten hours for backing up and restoring order data. AOMEI backed up our system, virtual machines and databases altogether, having helped us build a powerful data protection system with security of the data and no longer requiring manual operation of the orders. Read More >>

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